Water and Oil Do Not Mix
Water and Oil Do Not Mix

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Accomplish oil filter extraction task without the mess with quality, US-patented HV-FLEX TOOLS. Our products are guaranteed to help speed up the process. Based in Gilford, New Hampshire, our company offers our products nationwide and beyond.

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Tidy. Efficient. Eco-Friendly.

Oily and messy situations are common when replacing spin-off filters. Luckily, the HV-FLEX TOOLS were created to solve this problem, helping save time and cost from clean-ups.

Our products extract the oil accumulated within spin-off oil filters during routine replacement. They are used on oil, diesel fuel, and hydraulic fluid filters found in automotive, marine, aviation industries, and etc.

The HV-FLEX TOOLS offer a quick and clean oil filter extraction process. In addition to all of this, the oil fluids collected from the vacuum pump reservoirs can be recycled, reducing oil waste and negative environmental impacts.



Sgt. Matthew J. McCaffrey

City of Taunton Police Department
SEMLEC Marine Division Commander

Hello Wayne,
I just wanted to drop you a quick note to say how much I love the HV- Fluid Extractor that I purchased from you three years ago. Whether I am changing the oil on my own Detroit Diesels 6-71's or the many Police Boats we operate, I love the HV-FLEX. It is simple and clean, no more messy clean ups from spilled oil. Thanks again and good luck in the future, one happy customer.

Bruce Young

Certified marine technician/marine technical instructor from Webster, N.H.

Great product! Makes clean-up almost non -existent, no mess, no chemicals.

Matthew Durling

Certified marine technician from Sanbornton, N.H.

Have used Wayne's fluid extractor for automotive and marine applications. It has helped keep excess drippings from sub-frame in cars and spillage into the bilge of boat.

Dana Marceau

Marine Technician from Gilford, N.H.

This tool really works great. No oil all over the place. Saves time on clean up and will help keep the environment clean.

Kevin Foley

Marine Technician from Laconia, N.H.

This extractor is great. No more mess in the bilge of boat. Every time you take off an oil filter off a motor you spill oil. With this extractor the oil is sucked out of the filter instead of spilling into the bilge.

We are looking forward to hearing back from you

If your company is an innovative one that is interested in new patented products not previously available and would like to discuss licensing rights to manufacture and sell! Please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have about the HV-FLEX TOOLS.

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President/Engineer at HV-FLEX
Wayne A. Swanson
President/Engineer at HV-FLEX
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